TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack

Another premium product from Teton Sports, a leading manufacturer of outdoor enthusiast equipment, is the Teton Sports Oasis 1100, a full-sized hydration pack, great for larger outdoor needs. It features a superb construction, made with a revolutionary 210D Honeycomb rip stop, nylon material that is as durable and high-quality as it sounds.
It features a large body capable of handling all your storage needs, with a whopping total of six separate compartments (including the water bladder compartment.) The water bladder has a capacity of 2.0L which should be more than enough for your basic hydration needs. This product is absolutely amazing for those in the market for bigger packs with better value.

Perfect for those long hiking or camping trips, this hydration pack stands out with its sleek and stylish look, with the added bonus of choice of colors.


  • manufactured from high-class synthetic material
  • features a sturdy and revolutionary 210D Honeycomb rip stop nylon lining, making the shell extremely durable
  • large dimensions of 18.5”x10”x7”
  • six separate storage compartments for all your needs: a large pocket with hidden-teeth zippers and a weather guard to keep it waterproof; a separate pocket for the water bladder; a smaller front pocket with a key ring and organizer; a stash space pocket; and two mesh pockets on either side
  • high-density EVA foam material on the straps make the material breathable and cool even after prolonged use
  • straps are comfort-taped for less chafing
  • BPA-free, FDA-compliant food-grade water bladder with triple heat-sealed edges ensures that it is leak-proof and spill-proof
  • built-in rain guard for the whole pack which is useful for deflecting rain
  • comes in three color choices: green, black and orange


Made especially with the hiker or camper in mind, the Teton Sports Oasis 1100 hydration backpack is built sturdily as it’s large. It’s made with high quality synthetic material, supplemented by a shell lining made of high-grade 210D Honeycomb rip stop nylon material, so you know that the pack itself is resistant to all kinds of abuse, wear and tear.

The straps are fully breathable, with high-density EVA foam complementing a mesh covering with ventilation holes. They are also comfort-lined around the edges, so there’s little chance of chafing.

The best feature of this pack is its roomy storage compartments. It has six compartments, all of them very useful if you’re looking to make the most of your pack by having it hold your valuables, including a separate pocket to hold the water bladder to keep its integrity. The main pocket is inside-lined with a weather guard which will guarantee that it will keep everything in it dry and free from outside particles. There are two smaller pockets, one of them with a built-in organizer so you can keep everything neatly inside.

The other is meant as a space for your stash. Each side has an easily accessible mesh pocket deep enough for snacks, your wallet or even your phone. There’s also a rain guard built into the pack so you can use it even when it’s raining.

The water bladder itself is made of sturdy yet non-toxic material that passes all FDA requirements. It can hold up to 2.0L of fluid, which is great for those small hiking or camping trips. The material is puncture resistant, so there’s little to no chance of leaks or spillages within the bladder. It can easily be detached to be cleaned. The drinking tube mechanism is easy to use and is spill-proof.

There’s also a nifty chest shock absorber, meaning that you can get bumpy during your activities and the pack won’t be bothersome. It also comes in different colors for those who are whimsical. Most importantly though, it’s highly affordable for such a sturdy pack with a lot of storage. You will probably get the most out of your money by purchasing this pack.


The only real disadvantage to this pack is that it’s not recommended for people who would prefer a smaller pack, such as this product’s brother, the Trailrunner 2.0 Hydration Backpack, which is more compact and better for running.

Children and kids might also find the pack a bit bigger than they’d like, and there’s it may not properly support their frame. The bulk is the only real cause of concern, if you hate having such a large pack.

As with most hydration packs, there have been some reports of defective parts, most commonly the zipper for this pack. It’s worth noting, however, that each pack comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you should be fine if the parts are defective.


The only really bad thing about this product is that it’s on the larger side when it comes to size. If you’re a person who likes a bigger pack, though, then this is great for you. It’s perfect for all your camping and hiking needs, plus the value alone is well worth it. The 2.0L capacity water bladder is more than enough to keep you hydrated in a real activity.

Overall, this is one of the best and economically available hydration packs out there. Well worth the buy considering all pros versus the cons.