Sports Imagery-Hydration Pack Premium Backpack Daypack with 3.0L (100oz) Water Bladder

Sports Imagery, a mostly unknown brand of sports equipment, has produced a premium hydration pack/backpack daypack for the outdoor enthusiast. It comes with a fairly large water bladder, with a capacity of 3.0L (100 ounces) but its perks don’t stop there. Aside from being a large capacity hydration bag, it’s also an excellent backpack, with 3 separate, large storage compartments.
Sporting a combination of quality, style and affordability, this hydration backpack is very convenient for those looking for a mix of value and great usability.


  • manufactured with high-quality rip stop nylon material for extra durability
  • pack dimensions of 18”x12”x6.5”, with a 3.0L capacity extra thick (5mm) water bladder
  • extremely durable and long lasting
  • water resistant, diamond rip stop, nylon material backpack for keeping your personal items dry
  • resistant to leakage and tearing
  • hydration bladder uses a safe, non-toxic BPA-free material
  • adjustable straps from 27”-50”; cushioned shoulder straps, breathable back panel made of mesh material and high density EVA foam
  • hydration pack is leak-tight, top side-locked, featuring a quick-release tube and an auto shutoff valve
  • 100% lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer, basically an ironclad seal of approval for every backpack sold


First off, if you’re an outdoor person who enjoys hiking, cycling, or just running long distances, then it’s good to think of getting one of these. The large capacity of the hydration pack itself is worth the money on its own. It’s a great replacement for when you’re always feeling the need to bring large water bottles, in fear of not having enough for your outdoor trips.

The backpack is made of a strong, durable, rip stop, nylon mesh material. It’s also quite large, with three main storage compartments for things such as other equipment, extra clothing, your camera or your phone. You can even fit in your laptop.

The material is waterproof, so no need to worry about your belongings getting wet if you’re going kayaking. The secret to this is the rip stop technology that’s more commonly associated with having zero porosity, meaning it will not allow air or water through. The name itself also means that it is very resistant to wear and tear, meaning that this pack can take a beating and survive.

The hydration pack bladder is 5 mm thick and made of a non-toxic BPA-free material, so it’s both tough and safe. There’s no aftertaste commonly associated with poor plastic materials, and the seal is airtight so there is no danger of the water leaking through the inside of the pack. The bladder can be easily removed from the pack for refills, featuring a quick release tube and an auto shutoff valve, preventing spillage even when the tube is removed.

The size itself is not that cumbersome for the regular adult. It’s about the size of a regular outdoor backpack, with the durability and strength of one. The adjustable chest size makes it kid-friendly from about 12 years of age, with the shoulder straps being adjustable as well. The breathable mesh material of the back panel along with the ventilation holes is cool and will help with the heat of having to carry it.

Price-wise, it is just right for what it is. You can spend a bit more money on something from a better brand but, if you’re looking to be conservative with your budget or just starting out on being an outdoor person, then this would be a good fit for you.


The product has very few disadvantages. The grey/black color scheme may put some people off since it looks like it’s the only color available. There have also been some reports of some packs with defects in them, from shoulder straps being easily snapped, or the hydration pack’s lid breaking off; thankfully though, each pack comes with a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee, so there is the certainty of a replacement if ever you receive a defective item.

The pack can also be a little bulky if you’re built smaller. It only comes in one size so there’s always the possibility that you may have difficulty if your frame is small. It’s also not that kid friendly below ten years, again because of the pack being a little on the bulky side.


It’s good for what it is, a well-made hydration pack from a relatively unknown manufacturer. It’s gotten a lot of good buzz from buyers looking for economically priced hydration packs.

From a buyer’s standpoint, this is a good buy if you’re looking to save a bit of money. The manufacturing could be better, because some people are getting defective packs, but these seem to be isolated incidents leaning a little towards problems in shipping.

If you’re sold on the idea of bang for your buck, and you’re planning to use this without any small children in mind, then this is a great product. If, however, you have a little more cash to burn, then it might not hurt to look for a something with a better known brand. All in all, a great starter product with a great price to its name.