Hydration Pack with 1.5 L Backpack Water Bladder

A premium hydration pack manufactured by Camden Gear, a well-known manufacturer of products mostly geared towards runners, such as compression sleeves, running belts and hydration packs. Striking the balance between a sleek look yet enough storage, this hydration pack sports a 1.5L capacity water bladder which is the perfect size for runners and cyclists.

The main compartment is big enough to hold clothes or your gadgets such as tablets, smartphones or even a small laptop. If that space isn’t enough for you, the pack’s unique design has two medium sized pockets along the bottom waist band, where you can easily fit small valuables such as your phone, your wallet, your keys or even small snacks.

A great product for those looking to start out with hydration packs in general, its mix of value with durability and efficiency will surely appeal to everyone on a budget but still looking for a great bang for their buck.


  • main compartment covered with extremely durable and water resistant, diamond rip stop nylon
  • medium dimensions of 15.9”x10.3”x2.8”
  • highly adjustable chest straps from 27” to 50” and shoulder straps make it perfectly sized for kids to adults
  • lightweight and breathable mesh fabric straps keep it totally cool
  • easily detachable 1.5L capacity water bladder made with the safest BPA-free non-toxic materials
  • spill and leak proof; the water bladder is separate from other the compartments, in order to maintain integrity
  • wide screw caps allow ice to be put into the water bladder
  • three storage compartments, including waterproofing for the main one
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or a readily available refund


First off, the pack is a great mix of storage and compactness. If there is a middle ground between those two, then that would be this design. The 1.5L capacity water bladder is great for most runners and cyclists, which are the prime market targets of this product. Camden Gear produces a high-quality hydration belt but, for those looking for a pack hybrid from them, then this is the item for you.

Rip stop nylon is used as the main material, resulting in a product that is water resistant, so it will keep your belongings dry, even if it rains or if you’re going kayaking. It’s very durable, and lightweight to keep you from feeling encumbered. The three compartments should be enough to hold items you need for a small activity, making it perfect for short hikes or even just a run.

The straps are breathable, keeping you cool even on a hot day. The placement of the straps is designed to keep them from chafing you, with the waist strap offering more support. The straps are also highly adjustable and can cater to most sizes, including kids.

The water bladder itself has a capacity of 1.5L, which is perfect if you’re looking for just enough hydration. The material is completely non-toxic, BPA-free and has passed every standard. It’s fully detachable for easy cleaning. The insulation provided for the compartment and even on the hose itself keeps the bladder fairly cool even, when the weather is hot.

It’s quite affordable for its price range and a steal if you’re looking for something more compact but which can compete on its space. Each pack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can easily ask for a refund if you not satisfied with it.


Being compact means sacrificing some storage. If you’re going to be bringing more items with you, the main storage compartment might not be able to hold them all. The two side compartments are not waterproof, so forget about putting electronics there.

There is also an issue as a full water bladder can cause the main compartment to be cramped, due to its position. It can be useless if the water bladder itself is filled to the brim, except for maybe really thin items such as maps.

There are some issues with defective water bladders, with leaking and difficulty in sucking the fluid being reported as the most common. These are mostly isolated, plus the company offers refunds if you don’t exactly like it, so there’s some comfort in that.


What really works about this pack is its unique design. It keeps the pack snug to your body and is much more compact than other hydration packs on the market. If you’re a runner or a cyclist with not that many needs in terms of belongings, then this could be perfect for you because of its size. It’s great for its price and the design alone is worth the buy.

Though, if you’re big on hiking or any other activity which requires more valuables with you, then this pack is a little small for you and you’re better off finding something else on the market.

Overall it really comes down to what your needs are and the activities you will be doing. All in all though, it’s great for its price range when it comes to efficiency and durability, since Camden Gear know their stuff when it comes to hydration packs.