Crave Outdoors Hydration Backpack 1.5L Water Bladder Cycling Running Hiking Pack

From a relatively unknown manufacturer (this is the only product listed from them), Crave Outdoors, comes this slightly smaller yet fully functional hydration pack. It is perfectly designed for people who want smaller packs, such as those who love to run and stay hydrated while on the go. The water bladder itself can carry 1.5L, which is more than enough for some outdoors enthusiasts.
Its relatively small size is also perfect for those who feel encumbered by bigger backpacks. Don’t let its small size fool you though. Though sporting only one main compartment, it has four pockets on the straps which are useful for smaller items, such as your keys, wallet and other valuables.

With a great combination of quality and affordability, and the added bonus of being lightweight, this product is essential for someone looking for an efficient yet competitively-priced hydration pack.


  • made with strong and waterproof, diamond rip stop, nylon material for extra durability
  • completely hands-free, with the detachable bladder sporting a bite-valve for easy hydration
  • smaller-framed 17”x2”x10”, perfect for running and cycling
  • adjustable straps and buckles, with additional waist straps to customize according to your frame
  • spill-proof hydration pack screw cap, all made with non-toxic and BPA-free materials
  • smaller frame is perfect even for kids
  • comes in three colors (blue, green and red)
  • full, no questions asked money back guarantee in case of defects or other issues


First of all, if you’re not a fan of big and sometimes cumbersome packs, then you will love this hydration pack. It has a smaller frame, more in line with a medium sized outdoor pack. The quality is decent, with diamond rip stop nylon used for most of the construction. It’s water resistant, so there’s no trouble with the pack’s contents being exposed to water. Perfect if you’re a runner or a cyclist, since the design is much smaller.
You can be running or riding your bike and at the same time hydrating yourself with ease. Its lightweight frame ensures that. The compact design and choices of color also makes it perfect for kids.

The straps are of decent design and construction, allowing the wearer to move with very few objections. There is also a waist strap, so you can feel a lot freer even when you’re doing the most strenuous outdoor activities. Being small, however, doesn’t mean it’s useless when it comes to storage. There is one main compartment where you can put your belongings, such as extra clothes, your smartphone or even a small laptop.

Surprisingly though, the best compartments are the ones found on the front or the straps. There are four of them, encased in a slightly see-through material. It’s perfect for an MP3 player, keys, your wallet or even small snacks so you don’t have to reach around for those. The tube is conveniently placed around the strap so it will not bother you.

The water bladder can hold up to 1.5L of fluids and is fully detachable from the bag if you want to remove and clean it. The capacity is more than enough for when going out on a run. The material is BPA-free, so it’s perfectly safe and there’s no aftertaste in the fluids when you drink from it. It’s completely spill-proof so no worries there. The screw cap on the bladder is wider than most which means you can also put in some ice on a particularly hot day.

It’s a lot more kid-friendly than other hydration packs on the market because of its size. It’s also very appealing since there are colors to choose from. In terms of price, it’s also one of the cheapest available, but there’s no sign that the manufacturer skimped on the quality.


If you’re more of a hiking type of person and you need a lot more space for your belongings, then this pack will not please you. The water capacity is also lower for the bladder since they chose compactness over being storage-friendly, which could be an issue if you’re planning a more tiring activity.

There are also issues with some defective units, particularly around the water bladder itself, but those are mostly isolated incidents. Every sale comes with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee, so you can always return it if you hate it. Some people also dislike the chafing coming from the straps, since they are thicker than the usual size.


Overall, this is one of the better smaller-framed hydration packs out there. A big plus for this product if you’re buying this for kids or if you’re using it for mainly cycling or running. The great quality is a steal from its very competitive price, and there’s no question that, if you’re looking for a highly rated hydration pack that is affordable and you’re not looking for something that big, then this is for you.

You will not like this product only if you’re looking for a bigger pack with more water capacity and more storage. If that’s the case, look for something else. If your conditions meet the former, however, then look no further, because this pack is perfect for you.